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Commission Name:   Alliance Badge Order

Your package will include:

One character art badge with a Kul Tiras-themed frame.
One Alleria charm.
One faction-exclusive art print.
One handmade pouch to store your badge in.
My love and thanks : ) 
Price:   $65.00
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Commission Name:   Commander Option

Your package will include:

Two art badges. (one for you and your lieutenant) with a Kul Tiras-themed frame.
Two Alleria charms.
Two faction-exclusive art prints.
Two handmade pouches to store your badges in.
Two exclusive badge art backs, one with the Commander title and one without for the lieutenant.

Price:   $250.00

Types of commissions I do NOT offer:

  1. Twitch/Youtube layouts
  2. Logos
  3. Lettering/typography
  4. NSFW images

How does it work?

     Terms and Conditions:

  1. Due to high demand, commissions are not always open.
  2. When commissions are open, submit an order through the Order Form HERE.
  3. You MUST read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before submitting your order.
  4. Submitting an order does NOT guarantee you a commission slot.
  5. When commissions open, the order form will be active for twenty-four (24) hours so that people in multiple time zones have a chance to submit their order. After being submitted, each order will be placed into a pool of orders. Once the twenty-four hour period has passed, the number of commissions I can take on will be pulled (randomly) from the pool. The people who have been pulled will receive an email notification that their order has been accepted along with a number for their spot in the current queue. Those who have not will also be notified by email.
  6. Orders that are missing important information, or are for invalid commission items, see ‘Types of commissions I do not offer’, will be automatically discarded.
  7. Payment is required upfront before I start sketching your piece. If your order total is over $40 USD, you may choose to pay it all at once or half before and half when the piece is finished. :) If you are unhappy with the final product for any reason, I will refund you half its price.
  9. I reserve the right to refuse your commission at any time for any reason. If this happens you will be refunded the full price.

How do I avoid my entry being disqualified?

I enjoy working with clients that are ready with their information and make it easy for me to understand what they're looking for. To best ensure that your entry is not disqualified, please check that your links work, that you have at least a general idea of what you want, and that you do not leave important fields blank. One of the most common mistakes is to put "I will get you the information if I am chosen" in your entry. These entries are disqualified because there are many other people ready and waiting to go with their information that do not require me to contact them unnecessarily. (The goal of the form is to make commissions simple and quick and to give me a reference in my records to go from.)


Q: Does your work cost anything?
A: Yes. You can find my pricing HERE.

Q: Will you make something for free if I give you publicity/credit?
A: Generally, no. When I make free art, it comes from the bottom of my heart for someone that I admire or that I think needs a little smile that day (or is for a charitable cause).

Q: What happens after I place my order?
A: Your order form will go into a pool with everyone else who submitted one. The number of slots I have available are randomly pulled from the pool. If your name was not pulled you will receive an email letting you know. If it was pulled you will receive a confirmation from me and your spot number in the queue!

Q: Do you do art trades?
A: Only with my close friends/people I trust. Have done too many trades where I did work but did not receive anything in return.

Q: Do you draw anything that isn’t WoW-related?
A: Yes! I have done characters from several other games as well as portraits of people. (I'm not that great at real life portraits, though! Be warned, haha.)

Q: Do you stream your art?
A: Sometimes as my schedule permits. You can watch me at: I have no set schedule so the best way to find out when I’m live is to follow me on Twitter. :)

Q: How do I pay you?
A: I now only accept payment up front before starting on the sketch. You can choose to pay it in full or half before and half when it is finished if your order is over $40 USD. Currently, I only take payment through PayPal invoice. PLEASE do not send money before I have accepted your commission. thank you :)

Q: Why don’t you do banners, logos, lettering, and Twitch layouts?
A: First and foremost, it’s just not something I’m interested in. Secondly, I’m just not very good at them—partially because I don’t have a passion for them.

Q: What do you use to draw?
A: I use Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI along with a Wacom Cintiq 22HD.