About Me

Hi! My name is Faebelina. Or you can call me Whit, Fae, Faeb, arty-Mc-Artface, whatever! But you didn’t come here for a list of my nicknames, you’d like to know more about me.

When I was little I, like all the other kids, was into the show called Sailor Moon. I would rush home off the school bus to make sure I made it in time to catch the newest episode. I was so inspired by the art and loved the characters so much, I drew them practically every day. I think to this day I could probably draw the main character with my eyes closed. Scratch that, I can--I’ve tried!

I never really cultivated my art skills, however. I didn’t take classes in school and when I graduated, I almost stopped drawing altogether. Later I met the man of my dreams, got married, and tried really hard to find a creative outlet I felt I was good at. At that point, I hadn’t drawn in three years. For a time I was photographing weddings, which I did love, but my husband could tell I wasn’t really happy. He suggested that I give art a second chance, and really pursue it.

It was the little push I needed.

I created a Twitter account in the spring of 2014 and decided to post my art to keep myself accountable--and also to record my progress. Things were really slow at first since I had no idea where to start and digital art was so foreign to me. But I was really stubborn, and I listened to lots of inspirational artists on the bad days to keep going. Thankfully, people were really kind to me on Twitter and later Deviantart/Tumblr and encouraged me to create more. After a few months I felt I had found what I loved most in life, and I was not going to give it up no matter how hard the road was.

Fast forward to today! I've gotten to work on some amazing projects including novel covers, concept art, and most recently I had the pleasure of getting to do a small promotional comic with Blizzard! (Thank you, Blizzard!) My current goal for this year is to create and sell an art book of my own since I have so many lovely books by others and they inspire me daily. 

Basically, I love my life, and I love art. And making art that makes people happy is all the better. Maybe someday you and I can create something together! --Faebelina