It's that time again! Here's what you'll need to know if you're looking to get a badge from me this year:

1. Badges will cost $65.00 USD this year. (Price includes shipping.)

2. Your packages this year include: An art badge of your character with a Zuldazar-themed frame (Alliance will have a Boralus-themed frame), a Sylvanas charm, a faction-exclusive art print, and a hand made pouch to keep your badge in. 

3. My badges are not first-come-first-serve. Instead, I use a lottery system. On the opening day for Horde (May 4th and 5th, starting at midnight and ending at midnight EST respectively) my form will be live on this website. You'll find the link to it here when it is live. Once the form closes at midnight on May 5th, I will randomly draw ten entries from the pool(s) of orders to complete.

4. You will receive an email letting you know whether or not your entry was pulled from the pool. If you are interested in having a higher probability of being drawn as well as securing a spot for a friend or loved one, see the WARLORD option below!

5. The May 4th and 5th opening date is for HORDE MEMBERS ONLY. Alliance members, your Call to Arms will be announced at a later date, so get your weapons ready! If you accidentally send in your order for the wrong faction, just make sure to show up on your Call to Arms day to re-send your information : )

6. US orders will receive a tracking number when their badge ships.

7. If your order is pulled from the pool, payment is accepted UP FRONT before I begin work on your badge. I only accept PayPal payments at this time.

WARLORD option!

This is something new I am offering this year instead of an auction. The Warlord option is $250 and includes a badge for you and a second, guaranteed (included in the price, not extra) spot for a friend, loved one, guild mate, or you can use second spot as a surprise gift for someone. In other words, if you choose this option, your name will be put in a much smaller pool and if chosen you and your "lieutenant" will both receive badge packages. Yes, you can both enter if you like for a better chance! All you will need to do is check that you are interested in the option on the form and leave me the name of your lieutenant and/or let me know if it is a surprise.

I expect the Warlord pool will be MUCH smaller and I will only be pulling one Warlord order (which includes two badges) from its pool. You may enter one form into the regular pool and one into the Warlord pool to better your chances, all I ask is that you do not spam your order; multiples in the same pool will be discarded.

I have very limited spots this year, 8 from the regular pool, 2 from the Warlord pool, making 10 slots---so I am offering this option for those who are really keen on a better chance!

Payment is not required unless your order has been pulled from the pool.